Somehow, has become de facto my only web home. I feel weird about this fact from a theoretical perspective, but in practice, it seems to work.

This blog had 679,521 page views in 2011. Browser-wise, 38% of my visitor used Safari, 27% used Chrome, and 18% Firefox. Nearly a third were on Windows, which frankly shocks me.

Here are my most popular posts for the year:

  1. Pixelfari. I feel guilty since I didn’t actually develop this; some day, the full tale can be told.
  2. All the sizes of iOS app icons
  3. Pie Guy (posted in 2009!)
  4. Labeling the Back button
  5. Hand-pixelated
  6. Steve
  7. iOS on the desktop

It’s good to see that most of these are good old black-on-white text, not just funny pics.