Amazon Mobile is among my most used apps. This is mainly due to my heavy use of Amazon as a store, and the fact that their main website is rather bloated. The app generally provides a better use experience. It is, however, not stellar.

Let me use it again as an example of a pattern I’ve noticed in some iOS apps. When you view an item in the Amazon app and tap the button to add it to your wish list, it comes back with this:

alert, n an alarm or warning, esp. a siren warning of an air raid.

It’s really not that big a deal that I added an item to my wish list. There’s no need to lock me into a modal dialog. Just add the item and move on.

Worse yet, the app won’t change the state of the Add to Wish List button after this. You can tap it again and get the same alert. The right way to do this is to change the state of that button, thus giving visual feedback that something has happened and preventing the button from acting again.

Alerts are used to halt the user in case something has gone wrong, or if what follows is very important. Performing a nondestructive action I specifically asked for is neither. You can chill out, li’l app.